Gold Bullion

The value of gold is on the rise. It would be a wise choice to invest, either for the long term or the short in gold. But, which type to invest in? There are several ways to buy gold. You can invest in gold coins, online gold accounts and gold bullion or bars.

Our recommendation when choosing the type of gold bullion to by is gold bars and gold coins. Solid gold has held the same value for over 100 years. Solid gold such as in gold coins and bars are easy to purchase and can be done stress free when dealing with a reputable dealer or mint. The gold content will also be labeled and guaranteed.

Gold coinage is also very popular amung collectors and enthusiasts such as the Gold American Eagle and the Canadian Maple Leaf. Gold coins are often more popular and easier tho sell than a gold bar, however, they are still a valid and important form of gold bullion.

Our final tip when purchasing bullion is to choose the type of bullion that fits your storage, tax and transport means.